From Around The Ranch

Miscellaneous pics from around the ranch

Dabble: our herd bull

Dabble is a purebred (88.9%) Limousin and is proven quite prolific.

Cash Bonus: an amazing LimFlex cow

Cash bonus has very strong EPDs and is 64.6 % Limousin/ 32.8% Angus.

Plata: beautiful purebred cow

Plata is purebred Limousin (88.9%) and extremely docile.

Phlox: a really nice LimFlex cow

Phlox has produced some really nice calves & is 65.2% Angus / 33% Limousin.

Jezabel: One of our 3 foundation cows

Jezabel is one of our foundation cows and is extremely docile.

Sophia: One of our 3 foundation cows

Sophia is a registered foundation cow. She has heavy Angus traits & produces beautiful calves

Brownie: One of our 3 foundation cows

Brownie is one of our original Limousin cows and is now registered as a foundation cow.

Freyja: A Purebred Heifer

Freyja is a purebred heifer out of Plata and was recently was placed with Dabble

Lilly: A LimFlex Cow

Lilly is a LimFlex cow out of Phlox who recently was placed with Dabble. In May of 2021, she delivered her first calf Orchid.

Cash Money: yearling LImFlex heifer

Cash Money is a gorgeous yearling heifer out of Cash Bonus sired by MAGS Aviator.

JM: LimFlex Bullcalf with strong EPDs

Double Black, Double Polled, 61%Lim, 36%Ang, excellent LimFlex yearling bull. Strong EPDs and fantastic structure.